Your Content can be powerful: How my writing ended up in the streets of Houston, Texas


You too can make SIX Figures [SERIES TWO]

Hope you have started trying out those writing skills discussed in Series one? Some have started utilizing and send mails to assist them with materials for them to stand out.

Have you heard of the ‘new black’

I know black in some characters depicts evil, but have you heard of black diamond, Coal, Crude…..Are they black?

Freelancing as a writer is simply doing jobs at home, your place of convenience without going to the office and still getting paid. What many can label as remote job.

There are 101 freelancing platforms in the world today like Upwork, Fiverr, Draft2digital, peopleperhour and a host of others.  You get paid by offering a service at the comfort of your home.

This is really getting interesting …..Watch it!

A freelance writer can take a job with Private firm where they employ you to write their content, copies or any related writing task. An individual can also hire to write


You too can make SIX Figures from writing [SERIES 1]

Looking for a perfect job or help to write your desired articles or Ebook.

order from the professional and be a happy client

Ever wondered how writers feed, dress fine, own a car, pay rent and still impact their community largely>>>>>there is a secret they are not telling us. Are you ready for the newest secrets of writing?

  • Copy writing
  • Story telling
  • Articles and Website content
  • Freelancing
  • Selling Digital products like their books and tapes
  • Organising seminars and workshop.

Copy writing can never be overemphasized as we have made six figures from it by just putting out a 300 words on a website. Did I say just? Funny as it may sound, ‘Yes’.  There are a lot of books by Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, Neville Medhora but copy writing can be simplified as

  1. Writing catchy headline
  2. Engage your audience
  3. Make them see the benefit of what you want them to achieve and
  4. Take action

and boom! Six figures go to your account by just doing this…and once you write a good copy. Companies and personnel will hire you, employ you or put you on contract…..How amazing!

Story telling used to be the ‘old school’ method. In this century, Firms, Entrepreneurs wants to tell the story of their brand to get larger audience and reach out to potential clients which may later become client.  Have you noticed recently the reason for animation in story telling of brands? Have you wondered why TV advertisement tells stories?

This is one secrets…story telling gets to client faster than just telling them what you do. Imagine

I am Laura Ellington

I deal with natural hair and wigs

Please patronize me and I promise to give you discount


How about this

Hello Client,

You cannot explain the joy you will get just getting a wig at little cost. My friend, Diamond, got my wig and it lasted for 6 six month without it tangling. Moreso, the pain and the stress of staying in one place trying to make my hair is stressful  and you may lose out to achieving your to do task.

If you get anything less than quality, we promise to offer to refund your money in other case you we provide you with another one if it is fine by you. The first 100 clients get a free shampoo and a pen. Interested [email]

Who do you think will get more sales and it can even be better. Story telling is one you shouldn’t play with in times like this. If you can write a story for a brand and it converts speedily to their target audience. Then you get more job offers and referrals if it is a top firm.

Articles and web content

Every brand or firm wants a website to fit in to the 21st century. What makes a website?

  • Programming language
  • Content (written)

We have been in a situation where we are been told to write ‘About us page’, ‘Home page’, ‘Contact us page’. This alone cost $20 on fiverr for putting out content for a person’s brand or firm and some professionals charges $250 for putting out little content.

Articles can be in different topics like health, lifestyle, sports, travels and tourism and so on. This can be published in a Magazine or can be for personal reason. Most writers’ charges very high for writing quality articles. The structure is very simple and the more you read articles…the more you get better.

Next in SERIES 2

  •  Freelancing
  • Selling Digital products like their books and tapes
  • Organising seminars and workshop.


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